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Myofeed - Maple Buttermilk Pancake 1.8 lb

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Each batch of MyoFeed is not only tested for total protein content, but we go the additional mile and run 20 separate tests to show our loyal followers their our protein does NOT include any free-form amino acids. Our Certificates of Analysis, for each and every batch, are available under Clear Facts for your peace of mind.

Product Features:

Cold Processed Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Isolate 

Microfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate

Micellar Casein 

VitaFiber Prebiotic Fiber

Aminogen Digestive Enzymes 


Consuming enough complete protein throughout the course of a day is an essential part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. MyoFeed has been specifically formulated to provide an enhanced amino acid profile over many whole food sources and is an invaluable addition to your daily diet. For best results, spread your desired protein usage between several smaller meals throughout the day.Shaker Bottle Preparation Instructions: Add your desired amount of protein to a shaker with 6-8 ounces of water per MyoFeed serving and shake vigorously. Adjust your water usage to achieve your preferred sweetness level. If possible, always add MyoFeed into a shaker already filled with water to ensure complete solubility. Glass and Spoon Preparation Instructions: MyoFeed is completely instantized, so you can easily mix a protein shake with as little as a glass and spoon if you're in a pinch. Add your desired amount of protein to a glass with 6-8 ounces of water per MyoFeed SERVING AND STIR GENTLY WITH A SPOON. If you prefer your shake to be on the sweeter side, slightly reduce the amount of water used per MyoFeed serving. Conversely, if you'd like a less bold taste, consider adding more water at your next usage. Blender Preparation Instructions:Add water and/or milk, a handful of ice cubes, your desired ingredients and your preferred servings of MyoFeed into the blender. After closing the lid, blend for 20-30 seconds or until you reach your target consistency. TRY MYOFEED IN YOUR OATMEAL, AS A PUDDING BY ADDING LESS WATER, OR IN YOUR BAKED GOODS!


Allergen Information: Contains Milk and Soy

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