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About US

About Us

What can we say other than we strive to bring the best products, for the best price, with the best service a company can offer it's customers. We are a company based out of Southern Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky, but will ship nationwide.  If you cannot find a product that you are looking for then please email us at, and we will get you a quote if we can get our hands on that product. 

What does FACE! mean? 

We figured you would ask so here goes nothing.  FACE is simply started as another way of saying "In your face," "booya," or the like.  From there it turned into a greeting, and became part of our daily speech and a couple of years later here we are with it in the name of our company.  We like to have fun here as well as not take ourselves to seriously, and we hope the name portrays that idea. 

Why should you order from Face! Supplements? 

Well for starters we love our customers, and we want every time you order from us to be excellent.  Not only that, but 10% of our profits go to helping feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and get medicine to the sick.  When you buy products from us, you are also partnering with us to do all of the for-mentioned actions, and for that we thank you.

Isaiah Chapter 53
Look that up in the Old Testament of the Bible.